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Dungeon Pub

Proudly Geeky: Sci-fi, Comics, Fantasy, Pub Quizzes, Board Games and Beer | Various Styles

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Dungeon Pub

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Various Styles

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This one-of-a-kind geek club provides a home for lovers of sci-fi, fantasy, comics and video and board games. And it’s serious fun for everything else as well. Most nights here offer much more than just sitting at a table and drinking (although it’s good for that as well).

Activities on offer here are Xbox and PS4 with tons of games available, two excellent football tables and boatloads of board games and books.
Dungeon also hosts events many nights of the month ranging from pub quizzes to costume parties, video game tournaments, movie nights, stand-up, concerts and open-mic events. Make sure to check their Facebook page to see what’s on.

As for drinks, there’s a large selection of liquor and tap beers, limited-edition special cocktails for every thinkable occasion and they serve drinks in buckets!

When the mood is right — and it often is — Dungeon Pub turns into a dance floor and / or karaoke bar!