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Masquerade Club

Exclusive Lounge Bar & Club in the Heart of Bratislava | Multigenre, House, Hip Hop, Latino, RnB, Reggaeton

Masquerade Club accepts the Bratislava Nightlife Ticket

The Bratislava Nightlife Ticket provides free entry, free shots and drinks specials at 20+ clubs and bars for just 10€ for 2 nights.

Masquerade Club

Free Entrance

Until 00:30 with the Nightlife Ticket


Multigenre, House, Hip Hop, Latino, RnB, Reggaeton

Dress Code

Casual or Elegant

Opening Hours


Lounge and Terrace


The biggest, most exclusive club in the center of Bratislava with excellent music programming, packed dance floors, great cocktails, VIP lounges, bottle service and a reputation far beyond Slovakia as one of the best clubs in Central Europe.

If you get the chance, don’t miss out on its signature events events like its signature monthly Masquerade Ball (masks provided by the club if you don’t have one).

Masquerade has a capacity of about 400 people — huge by Bratislava standards — and features two stages, the ‘lounge’ as well as the ‘club,’ plus a big terrace. Weekend parties are always packed but the venue is well worth a visit any day of the week.

It’s also well known as a place that knows how to serve up shisha properly — with high-quality hookahs, Kaloud phunnel bowls, homemade molasses and exclusive flavors.

Masquerade has a prime location on Ventúrska street right in the heart of the Old Town. Re:fresh is just down the street and many other Nightlife Ticket venues are within a short walk.

Want to reserve a table? Just give Masquerade a call  at +421 904 180 185.