VRBA Virtual Reality Gin & Tonic Bar

Unique Concept Bringing Together Drinks and Virtual Reality | Various Styles

VRBA Virtual Reality Gin & Tonic Bar accepts the Bratislava Nightlife Ticket

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VRBA Virtual Reality Gin & Tonic Bar

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Various Styles

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The people behind Vrba are some of the leading VR developers and animators in Central Europe and they’ve created an incredible, one-of-a-kind place where you can experience immersive virtual reality.

They are also great fans of Gin & Tonic so at the bar you can taste your way through the over 40 they have in stock.

Over 40 games and experiences are available. At Vrba you can face your fears and ride a roller coaster, jump from a skyscraper or step off a real blank in the virtual world. You can visit the bottom of the ocean or the top of Mount Everest.

Or you can play games from fun and innocent Fruit Ninja to terrifyingly real action games. Vrba gets consistently outstanding reviews.
How does it work? As for Virtual Reality you there are four VR Boxes available for rent per hour. Each box is a play area for up to 4 people. The cost per VR Box is 33€ per hour. With the Nightlife Ticket it’s 33€ for two hours.

Animators are on site who will take care of you and introduce you to the equipment.